Joffre Lakes provincial Park
Three sister lakes at peak of Highway 99
The crown jewel of the Pemberton backcountry, home to three natural turquoise coloured lakes and glacier-laden peaks is just as challenging in elevation as you'd expect from a hike to the alpine. That, however, doesn't stop visitors from fleeing the crammed City of Vancouver to the wilderness, where often you'll find city folk and tourists diving into the second lake, paddling inflatable rafts on the third or setting up overnight stays just below the glacier-topped peaks.

At a length of 7.7 kilometres, you'll hike just under 500 metres of elevation along these three serene lakes, across the remnants of a boulder field or "moraine" and past a chilling waterfall spilling from the wide open third lake, all while catching the view of neighbouring ranges. Keep in mind this is a high-traffic, all-season trail best suited for those familiar with more challenging trails.

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